F2K — Team Partner Announcement

Legends in the competitive Collectible Card Game genre; F2K partners up with Espo.

London, United KingdomAugust 13, 2020 — Today, we announce the first in a batch of world-class esports teams and organizations to partner with us at Espo, starting with our friends at F2K!

Not only is F2K the home stable of some of the very best CCG pro players including Firebat, NaviOOT, OndrejStratsky, BenS_MTG, J4ckiechan, and others — F2K is also a vibrant and diverse entertainment organization that hosts super talented and popular streamers. It’s no surprise that F2K is regularly in the Top 10 most watched esports teams on Twitch.

But it’s not the stats that attracted us to partner with F2K. Instead, it’s their actions and reputation for supporting talent and providing pure wow factor through their gameplay for members of the community like us that drove us to partner with F2K.

In addition to winning at the highest level, we know their values matter to our network and fans, and we are delighted to begin our journey of representing F2K to fans and sponsors.

Just like that feeling when you’ve been dealt the perfect hand, we couldn’t be happier to have F2K debut as our Team Partner.

For all of you CCG fans, stay tuned for more info about the first campaigns we’ll be launching for F2K’s pro players on the Espo platform. We’re working hard with the guys and gals at F2K to offer you special perks and rewards we know you’ll love.


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