How to Stand Out from the Pack

A brief history of F2K, one of the most prolific Teams in Collectible Card Gaming by Tim Chambers.

Do you watch Twitch? I’m pretty sure that you do. If so, then I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Fade 2 Karma, but how much do you know about them?

It may shock you to know that, not only is this team within the Top 5 most watched teams on the popular streaming platform, but they are the home of literal champions, including Hearthstone World Champion Firebat, and Magic Hall of Famer Ben Stark. Fade 2 Karma didn’t appear out of nowhere though, so let’s turn back the clock and delve into F2K’s ascent to power.

The team was co-founded by Tim Bergmann in 2015 as a competitive Hearthstone team which included players like Dethelor, Gameking, and Vortex; names that will sound familiar to my fellow Hearthstone old schoolers. In 2016, the team expanded its attention to the world of streaming, picking up popular streamers and tournament players Alliestraza and J4ckiechan, the latter of which is renowned for bringing off-meta decks into the spotlight to great success on ladder and tournament play. The two went on to take the Hearthstone world by storm, dominating in many highly visible Hearthstone tournaments.

But this was only the beginning for F2K. They went on to expand their roster, picking up members like Firebat, Navi00t, Ondřej and Stráský among many other successful high-level tournament players. The F2K family now includes players ranked as Grandmasters in Hearthstone, and the Magic Pro League in Magic: the Gathering.

Today, F2K is one of the most visible teams on Twitch, and their players are still crushing tournaments. However, there is something else that makes F2K stand out from the pack. While tournament results and popularity are great, Fade 2 Karma has gone one step further. Their aim is to provide a true family environment to their staff and players, seeking to act as a role model for other esports teams, players and viewers. With great power, comes great responsibility, which F2K fully embraces.

But why am I talking about F2K? Well, they’re our newest partners! This slam dunk of a partnership is music to my ears. As an avid CCG fan, it’s inspiring to know that F2K are not just focused on the welfare of their team, but their interactions with their fans. By partnering with Espo, they’ve proven their commitment to building an organic relationship with the people who love and support them. I am so excited to have the opportunity to connect with some of the players who have inspired my CCG journey, and I know my fellow gamers will be the same.

No matter where you look, there’s a member of F2K securing their place as a staple amid the CCG community. Yes, they’re winning games, but most importantly they’re making positive changes within the CCG world. They’ve proven this in choosing to partner with Espo, who are championing fan engagement on their platform. F2K has certainly grown from its humble origins into an esports titan, and I can’t wait to watch their trajectory skyrocket. So, say it with me: what time is it? It doesn’t matter. Why? Because it’s #F2KAllDay!

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