Team BDS — Team Partner Announcement

2 min readNov 2, 2020

European Rocket League and R6 Siege champs Team BDS partner up with Espo.

London, United Kingdom — November 2, 2020 — We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Team BDS, one of Europe’s most decorated and dominant esports teams in their respective fields.

With no less than 5 European Rocket League titles and 3 Rainbow Six Siege titles under their belt, Team BDS is outplaying larger rivals and scooping up trophies at a staggering rate! Their formula is working and their partnership with Espo is a very welcome invitation for esports fans to join Team BDS on their journey to the top of the esports scene in Europe and beyond.

The Swiss org has primarily nurtured talent from within, investing in the development of their players rather than participating overly in the pro player trading market. The result is a well-oiled team that is also making ground in other competitive scenes, including FIFA, Trackmania, Call of Duty and more, with an exciting all-new League of Legends roster on its way in later this year too.

Through all our discussions with Team BDS, we have learnt how committed they are to their fanbase and how they want to grow this fanbase by engaging more closely with the global community and collaborating with brands. Our partnership is a step towards deeper connectivity and expansion for Team BDS and it’s a privilege for us to be supporting such a special, successful and sustainable esports team. BDS-rocket-boosted Fan Perks are coming soon!


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