The Un‘brie’lievable Journey of Team Queso

The Rise of our Team Partner; the mobile gaming cheesitos at Team Queso. By Sushant Bhostekar.

Our story begins in 2018. On 9 February, PUBG Mobile hits the market, quickly becoming a global sensation. Immediately, most spectators assumed that Asia would become the central hub of PUBG Mobile’s esports world, with the rest of the world lagging behind them. But the rest of the world said no — after all, who really enjoys lagging, right? Rising like a phoenix, South America cemented itself as one of the most prosperous regions in PUBG Mobile history, with one team to thank for its success.

Team Queso.

Queso rose to prominence as the best South American team in 2019, having represented the region in PMCO (PUBG Mobile Club Open) Spring and Fall, the PMSC World Cup (PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup), and PEC (Peacekeeper Elite Championship). The team proved themselves to be amid the cream of the crop in all of these events, showing the world just how dominating they could be. It’s safe to say that Queso has become a household name across several continents — and no, that isn’t just because it means Cheese!

But Team Queso were not always the powerhouse that we know now. After conquering the territory of Supercell games, the kings of Mobile Gaming marched to embark upon a new adventure to conquer the land of PUBG Mobile. Announcing their entry to the fray in 2019, the first Team Queso roster was born, featuring the likes of Manuel ‘PRZ’ Pérez, Adrián ‘Wakala’ Darias, Marcos ‘Gochiii’ Muñoz, Xavi ‘luNAtik’ Serrano and Francisco ‘KarriK’ González. This decision turned out to be a fruitful one, as three months later Team Queso took over BRC Esports. Later that year, the highly skilled squad, brimming with confidence, had already qualified for the regional final of the Open Cup 2019.

The team was unstoppable, placing seventh in the World Finals last July in Berlin during the Spring Split. By the time the Fall Split had rolled around, they were fired up and ready to face the 16 best teams in the world in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Little did they know that there was something massive awaited them on their road to glory. Team Queso went on to finish 6th in the PMCO World Finals in Kuala Lumpur, winning the South American qualifier along the way and marking the dawn of a new era where they were arguably the best South American roster in the world of PUBG Mobile. This was further cemented by their dominant third-place win during the Star Challenge World Cup in December, 2019.

The PUBG Mobile world was taken aback by this rising star organization, leading to Queso attracting an extremely passionate and loyal fan following given their early exploits in the major tournaments. That passion is something that inspired us at Espo, and it’s what influenced us to partner with Team Queso in the first place! I know I personally can’t wait to use the platform to interact with PUBG Mobile royalty, so make sure you pre-register today. After all, the Fan Perks coming soon will be just as sensational as Team Queso themselves!

With the PUBG Mobile World League concluding recently, Team Queso is certainly looking forward to the PUBG Mobile World Championship on 24 August. At Espo we are so excited to say cheese and help the fans get behind and support the mobile gaming kings. We’re #QuesoProud, are you?

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