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3 min readOct 29, 2020


A brief history of Espo’s newest partner, Built by Gamers — by Max Kleeman

We recently welcomed the next partner to the Espo roster: Built by Gamers, better known as BBG. After our initial announcement, we think it’s worth diving into the specifics of the current Fortnite roster, taking a look at how they have the potential to conquer the Fortnite universe. BBG, founded in 2014, broke out into the esports scene in recent years with one simple goal: compete for the world’s biggest esports titles. BBG’s Fortnite team strives to do exactly that with a powerhouse mix of veteran talent, skillful players, a pair of brothers, FNCS Champions, and even a World Cup Winner! Currently, BBG have a roster of five Fortnite players; Ajay, Kreo, Calc, Haz, and Bucke.

Ajay has been the longest active player on the team, being enlisted in September of last year. Even although Ajay may be the old dog of the squad, he should never be overlooked, especially when you consider his 12th place finish in the Chapter 2 Season 3 FNCS Solo Grand Finals . Kreo is next in the BBG roster queue, being picked up in April of this year. Kreo is a veteran of the Fortnite competitive scene and is arguably one of the best players the game has ever seen. He is a duo 2019 World Cup Winner, FNCS winner, EmadGG Cup winner, and an all-time mastermind of the game. He brings experience, skill, and a plethora of fans to the audience of BBG.

Brothers Jonathan “Calc” Weber and Avery “Haz” Weber both joined simultaneously on June 28, 2020 with one of the best announcement videos you will ever watch. Calc, a previous 2019 World Cup Winner and Season 10 FNCS Champion, joined with his brother Haz to bring both skill and creative content to the organization. Calc has been on the competitive radar for quite some time. Haz was a bit behind his brother, but it was his duo matches with Avery where he really made a name for himself. Just three weeks after Calc and Haz, Bucke (regarded by many as one of the world’s best) joined BBG, increasing the strength to turn the team into complete fire power. Bucke has over $100,000 in career earnings after qualifying for the World Cup last year, proving himself to be world class.

The final signing of Bucke to BBG’s roster has made them one of the best Fortnite rosters on paper. Between them the team have a decorated history, and definitely bring a bit of creativity to the esports scene. With many organizations now investing in Fortnite esports talent, we at Espo are excited to see what fan perks and rewards our collaboration with the boys at BBG can bring to the table for their adoring fanbase.

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